Offering ceramic and basketry containers for Ikebana arrangements that lift people's spirits
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Welcome!   Please enjoy viewing photos of my containers for Ikebana / Japanese flower arranging, then call or email me to request a price or price list, place an order, or invite me to your Ikebana chapter event (within 350 miles or so of Cleveland).  I accept your checks and money orders but am not set up to accept credit cards except in person.  To keep my prices low, I do not use Paypal.  I generally ship baskets by USPO and ceramics by UPS.   Since shipping costs vary, they are added to the final price once I send your order    Best wishes,  Your partner in co-creating beauty and harmony, Judy Charlick 
Contact me at: or call me at 216-408-4077
WHAT IS IKEBANA?  The Japanese art of flower arranging is a disciplined art form based on a closeness with nature.  It is "creative expression within certain rules of construction ... using living branches, leaves, grasses, and blossoms.  Its heart is the beauty resulting from color combinations, natural shapes, graceful lines, and the meaning latent in the total form of the arrangement."


I first learned ceramic skills in Copenhagen, Denmark at age 16 and I have nurtured a passion for ceramics ever since.   I helped found the Clayworks Cooperative in Cleveland Heights, OH, in the 1970's. 

In 2003, after retiring as an educator, I resumed my ceramics work both in a home studio and at the ceramics lab of Cleveland State University.  I also began studying Japanese flower arranging and hold an Instructor Certificate from the Ohara School of Ikebana .  Since 2007, I have been concentrating my ceramics on Ikebana containers and in 2010 I added basketry skills to my container creating.  I have been selling nationwide and at Ikebana events since 2010. 

Past shows:
~ June 2010, June 2011: Rochester, NY
   - Ikebana International (I. I.) chapter 50th anniversary event
~ October 2010: Chicago, IL- North
   American Ohara Teachers Association
   (NAOTA) conference
~ September 2011: Vienna, VA. -
   DC/N. VA Ichiyo School chapter 50th
   anniversary event
~ April 2012: Richmond, VA - Ikebana of
   Richmond chapter event
~ May 2012: Columbus, OH- I. I. special
   chapter event
~ September 2012: Cleveland, OH -
   North American Ohara Teachers Assoc.
   (NAOTA) conference
~ September 2012: Pittsburg, PA - Ichiyo
   School Chapter 35th anniversary event
~ March 2013: Baltimore, MD - Federated
   Garden Clubs of MD annual meeting
~ April 2013: Richmond, VA - Ikebana of
   Richmond chapter event
~ May 2013: Detroit, MI.- I. I. chapter
~ September 2013: Philadelphia, PA - I. I.
   chapter event
~ May 2014: Asheville, NC - N. American
   regional conference of I. I.
~ February 2015: Naples, FL -
   Presentation "Using Baskets in
   Ikebana",  Ikebana, I. I. chapter event
~ June 2015: Washington, DC/N. VA: 
   I. I. chapter event
~ August 2016, Cleveland, OH - Ohara
   chapter event with Headmaster
~ September 2016: Rochester, NY - I. I.
   chapter event
~ November 2018: Boston, MA - I. I.
   chapter event
~ Chicago, IL: NAOTA conference



      Ingrid Luders, Grand Master of the Ohara School of Ikebana & founding president of NAOTA, Cleveland OH
      "Judy has a firm grasp of the correct forms and glazes appropriate for the Ohara School curriculum.  Her containers -- including the moribana, madoka, heika, rimpa, hana mai, and hibiki --are technically very well done.  She also has some wonderful free form containers.  I highly recommend her containers for both Ohara and other Ikebana arrangements."  9/10

      *** Headmaster Akihiro Kasuya, Ichiyo School of Ikebana gave Judy permission to create and sell Ichiyo "Headmaster-Designed" containers, 9/20/11, Vienna, VA

      *** Roseanne Brandon, Ikenobo Instructor, Third Grade; Naples FL Ikebana International chapter ginza chairperson:

      "I am absolutely blown away by the pictures of your containers.  They are beautifully designed.  I think people in our chapter will love buying them."  2/26/12


      I seek to express in clay and plant material my joy and commitment to bringing beautifully conceived and constructed containers for people’s use and enjoyment. 

      As I work with the elements of clay, glazes, fire, and varied plant material, I am inspired by the patterns and colors of Mother Nature.   The harmonic balance and simplicity of Japanese and modern Scandinavian aesthetics also infuse my work.                                                         


      *** the photos on my website sometimes do not show the exact hue and tone of the glaze colors;

      *** I can approximate your requested color but cannot guarantee exact matching;

      *** I can make most containers, both basket and ceramic, in different sizes and colors than the ones shown;

      *** it takes time to make a requested ceramic container. I must make, slowly dry, fire, glaze, and refire each one and  occasionally must remake the piece;

      *** I will do my very best to satisfy your request.

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